MAA Girlfriend Weekend and Book Club!

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with my mother and her high school friends in, who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Maria Assumpta Academy in Petersham, MA! What an inspiration these strong, funny, independent women are – and I’m so appreciative that I was able to join them in Punta Gorda, FL this weekend! Here are some pics of our MAA Alumni Book Club (discussing The Vintner’s Daughter of course!).


To my WD Conference Friends: An Important Correction!

To all my new friends/fellow writers who attended my talk at the WD Conference:

I recently discovered that I incorrectly informed you all that She Writes Press accepts manuscript submissions from men. I assumed this because the She Writes online writing community includes men, but unfortunately She Writes Press does not. My apologies. This really disappoints me. My publisher is hopeful that one day she’ll find a partner to establish a He Writes Press, but for now, I encourage all of you to take a look at some other reputable presses like Booktrope, White Cloud Press, and Turning Stone Press, to name a few. And, as always, I urge you to speak with other authors and agents who’ve published through these presses to make sure they’re a good choice for you!

In the meantime, please keep emailing me with your questions and concerns. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with many of you in the days following my presentation and I hope to continue a dialogue with all of you!!!


Osterville Library Book Signing Photos!

Thanks to the wonderful crowd of folks who gathered at the Osterville Village Library on Saturday to learn about the inspiration and research behind The Vintner’s Daughter and listen to me read a passage! Special thanks to the Osterville Library and Books by the Sea for providing books for sale at the event! I had so much fun meeting you all and I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen The Vintner’s Daughter as one of your summer reads!

Photos by John Donelan

The Historical Novels Review & Virginia Pye’s 4 and 20 Interview!


Virginia Pye, author of River of Dust

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a week, my friends! This past Saturday, our family enjoyed the lovely wedding of my nephew Josh to his bride Rose, on Sunday I spoke to a crowd of 100+ aspiring and published authors at the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC, and yesterday, The Vintner’s Daughter officially arrived for sale at booksellers throughout the U.S.! To top off the great week, The Historical Novel Society published a wonderful review for my debut novel (and a blurb), and Virginia Pye, author of River of Dust, interviewed me for her fantastic blog, 4 and 20 (as in 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie)!

I didn’t have any “blackbird” pie, Virginia, but I celebrated with a huge wedge of strawberry-rhubarb pie and a relaxing outing at Dowses Beach in Osterville, MA this morning!

“Combining Traditional & Partnership Publishing for Success” @ the WDC 2014!

Thank you so much to Writer’s Digest and the fabulous group of aspiring and published authors who came to my presentation yesterday at the Writer’s Digest Conference! Our hour-long chat about traditional and partnership publishing, along with a lively Q&A was a blast! For those who attended, or those who missed it, you can download the “Cheat Sheet” with the most important tips from my presentation by clicking here.

A special shout-out to my agent, April Eberhardt, and fellow She Writes author Liz O’Connor (Trinity Stones) who also fielded some questions from the crowd. And speaking of questions, if you didn’t receive an answer to yours (because we ran out of time!), please submit your question by clicking on “Leave a Reply” below or by clicking on the “Contact” tab above, and you’re questions will come directly to me!

Thanks again guys! Kristen

The Quivering Pen Guest Post: “My First Time” by Kristen Harnisch

I was so pleased to have the chance to write this guest blog post about my “first time” as a hybrid author for The Quivering Pen, a writing/reading blog by David Abrams, author of FOBBIT! Thanks David!

My First Time as a Hybrid Author


This Week’s #Sunday Sentence

My selection for this week’s #SundaySentence opens John Baxter’s Paris at the End of the World, an exquisite book about the City of Light during the Great War. It’s a quote from Winston Churchill:

“We sit in calm, airy, silent rooms, opening upon sunlit and embowered lawns, not a sound except of summer and of husbandry disturbs the peace; but seven million men…are in ceaseless battle from the Alps to the Ocean.”

May we never forget the price paid for those calm, airy, silent rooms.